Thursday, July 14, 2005

Perfect Mix CD Tracklisting

  • Lali Puna- Faking the Books
  • Dresden Dolls- Girl Anachronism
  • M83- Run into flowers
  • Les Georges Leningrad- Sponsorships
  • - Soopa Doopa
  • Interpol- Obstacle 1
  • Radiohead- A Woolf at the Door
  • Belle and Sebastian- I love my car
  • Frou Frou- Let Go
  • Azure Ray- Across the Ocean
  • Camera Obscura- Let me go home
  • Elliot Smith- Pretty (ugly before)
  • Goldfrapp- Bedlam to Brooklyn f/ Turin Brakes
  • Sondre Lerche- Sleep on Needles
  • Lali Puna- Micronomic
  • T-Rex- Cosmic Dancer
  • Scissor Sisters- Laura
  • - Filthy/Gorgeous


MrSKINNY said...

the Scissor Sisters track on that CD isn't 'Laura' but 'Get it Get it' thanks for posting it - reminds me of NYC.

ruth said...

Hey! I copied it off the jacket you made for it!!

stefanie said...

you know ruth, my failure to ever make you a mix cd is not a lack of love or inclination but rather a lack of confidence in my ability to possibly live up to a mix like this. i remember once maybe 5 months ago i was very excited because i'd just discovered turin brakes and the new pornographers, and ruth told me i was living in a musical time warp or something equally devastating. so that, ruth, is why i don't make you mixes.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie has completely hit the nail on the head. Incidently, the Mix tape Ruth made me for Christmas in Ninteen Hundred and Ninety Six is jammed in my car tape deck. I can't even listen to it.

ruth said...

You are right! I am a snotty snotty bitchgirl.
It's a good thing I have so many other virtues otherwise I would be completely unbearable.

Joe M. said...

Damn gooood mix.

If you weren't giving up a semi-permanent address so soon, I would send you a mix, Ruth. Partly to give you a good mix, and partly to prove my ability to make a worthwhile mix. I gotta flex, you know.

DaintyDoughnuts said...

I want one. Where do I sign up?

Tell you what...I'll knit you some mittens and you make me a mix cd. Deal?

Joe M. said...

Who, me? You want a mix cd? Send me your address.