Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Grrr man.

It would be cool if this post was going to be about Germans and how crappy they are. Unfortunately, I've not really met any crappy Germans, although Monday some dickhead came into my work and was telling me about how much the Germans will hate me when I go there because I'm American. This may well be true, but at least they will have some decent food and reasonably priced cigarettes... I hope. Please tell me Germany is still sensibly allowing people to make bad health decisions at low cost.
In any case, I digress. Today some other dickhead came into my work and started talking to me about my typing speed, which is quite fast. But not, I'd imagine, significantly faster than most of my American peers.
Fine, compliment my typing, it doesn't mean much, but I'm pleased with it. But then he starts comparing it to playing the piano, which is weird. I mean, my piano teacher was always telling me to slow down when I played. So not the same at all. But then, even weirder, this dick starts telling me that you know, it's great I've found something so good at, and can have a happy career at, blah blah. And I'm like, what, as a typist? It's like, yes, I have traveled my way across the sea to make a career as a typist.
I definitely did some glowering at this. I suppose, though, when sitting at a computer hooked up to a dictaphone typing, one looks like a typist.


Bill McClain said...

I hate all these guys who pick on you--especially since no one picks on me and I doubt it's my steely jaw line that stops them. Virginia Woolf was right about men--they need women to feel bigger than they are! At least sissy men do. I think I'm going to become a militant lesbian if these keeps up, which is okay because we can still date.

Jenni said...

I assure you: In Germandy cigarettes should still be cheaper than they are in Ireland. I think about 3,50€ - 4€ for 19 cigarettes. So buy a lot, it'll lower our budget deficit.
And not everyone here hates Americans. Maybe we all dislike one of you - guess who. But as long as you aren't a radical Christ and/or ultra conservative you should be welcome :-)

Bill McClain said...

How many cigarettes do I have to buy to make Germany really, really love me though? I'm thinking like my statue on the top of the Brandenburg Gate love me. A carton? More?

Jenni said...

more... and even more.

ruth said...

I will do my best.