Monday, July 18, 2005

A shocking view

So this is what I saw when walking home from work Tuesday. I would, obviously, have uploaded these Friday but stupid blogger was down. To set the scene, you should be listening to the Genius of Komeda... which you should own if you don't, as it's one of my top 10s of all time, or rather would be, were I male and prone to making such lists. In any case, I am walking down the street, at about 5:30, when, at a major intersection, behind a chest-high wall of the sort people like to put in front of parking lots here, I see this middle-aged man strangely close to the wall moving his arm in a suspcious fashion. When I cross the street, I can see behind the wall and what do I see but this:

Scandalous! He's totally yanking it at a busy intersection in Dublin's poshest area behind the wall of a funeral parlour!
For the third time in my life, I see some random old guy diddling himself in public. The two times, incidentally, occured at or near the shopping centre across the street from my middle school, when I was 14. Those times were more gratifying as I was with friends thus we could have a giggle about it. This time I had to just send a text and wait.
Now that I've told the story all weekend, it's not nearly as fun to post my pictures.


Bill McClain said...

Am I allowed to giggle about this with you, or is that considered unmanly?

ruth said...

You are encouraged to giggle. So long as it's not too high pitched. After all, you are supposed to protect me from this sort of thing.

MrSKINNY said...

filthy irish.

stefanie said...

ruth, your artistic ability boggles the mind. i'm truly impressed.

ruth said...

I know! Did you like the motion lines? That's a new touch.

dandelion said... actually saw that?! thats crazy!! i love the art as well!