Friday, February 03, 2006

The military, the profane, and the profaned.

So, as I have previously mentioned, there is an army office in my building. To be honest, I'm not sure what they do, as they don't have a storefront, as it were, so I guess that means they aren't a recruiting office. Also, sometimes they are in the elevator with guns, which, I believe, are discouraged in recruitment. But here's the thing... they swear. A lot. The one I see most frequently seems to use the small hallway leading to my office for his loud phone calls. Since my job is pretty dull (see most of my previous entries), I don't really mind listening in on his typically angry and profane conversations. Why he chooses to have them in front of a door marked "REACH for Kids," I'll never know, but whatever. It passes the time. One literally lasted nearly two hours!!! One hopes these matters are not of national importance, though I could easily understand the desire to swear at full volume about the state of affairs.
Now, today, I rode the elevator with two of them, and they repeatedly referred to another person, presumably female, as a 'fucking cunt.' As most of you know, I pepper my speech frequently with profanity, but an office elevator? In the presence of another? Tres bizarre. And the c-word no less! I am pro-profanity and am quite liberal in where I believe it is acceptable to use. Indeed, I have even spoken with my colleagues about the dual issues of blow jobs and inclusion in schools (which, in middle school, I foresee as being a huge problem for parents who wish their special needs child to be fully integrated with their peers). However, I take umbrage with the near constant swearing of these army guys (and no, not even sailors!) while I fill my water glass at the communal fountain or ride the elevator.
While I recognize that the military is not known for its mild language, I must say I prefer my interactions with the military, as a civilian, to be more 'an officer and a gentleman' than 'jarhead.' I thought that with the whole desire to serve and defend came prosaic ideas about womanhood (or at least, white women...), and thus, deference to our more delicate sensibilities. I suppose that went out the window when we started using military service in lieu of a prison sentence.


MrSKINNY said...

its not just the military, but men in general. the other day in an office elevator one of these pigs said to the other, after a woman with a rather large bum exited, "I'd just like to smear Barbeque sauce all over it" and made some licking noises. I hope this was a reference to ANCHORMAN the movie, but i felt it was rude and gross.

Dan said...

Military service instead of a prison sentence.

Best idea ever.

MrSKINNY said...


ruth said...

what? are you finding st. louis & your geezer-quasi-boyfriend-sugar-daddy dull?