Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ruth ponders... predictability

So, today, as I flip through various news sites, I find myself unwilling to read the articles about our president's state of the union address or his visit to Nashville, various murders (while I do find these fascinating, they fall under the 'headline tells the story' category and thus always disappoint) and all the other boring and predictable news out there. The one exception being the president's statement that he is "educator-in-chief" which is possibly the most horrifyingly hilarious thing I have ever heard. However, it fits nicely into the underqualified theme of the past 6 years. I like imagining our president as Mrs. Honeycutt, my kindergarten teacher, and various other educators of my past. I also think it seems likely that Jack Black would have referred to himself as "educator in chief" in School of Rock, and that is totally awesome. There are many ways our president could be a lot cooler, and, I think, rocking out with kids and macking it to Joan Cusack are merely a couple of ways to start.

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