Monday, October 03, 2005

Ay yi yi

Is that how that's spelled?
So yesterday I exercized deliberately for the first time in over a year. After a week of lying on the couch, eating, and drinking, I decided that if I wanted to continue to fit in the clothes my mother has been kind enough to buy me these past few days, I had better find a more effective way to burn calories than scooping ice cream into a bowl (which can be quite strenuous!). I decided to go running, literally the first time in well over a year not counting the occasional chasing after a bus in Ireland. Foolishly, I took my dog, who is still significantly faster than me, but worse, is significantly more interested than breaking far faster than I can and climbing up trees. Nevertheless, I managed to last for over a mile (non-stop!), which may not sound like much, but is damn good for the first day out. And it is HARD to keep hold of a dog!
Nevertheless, today has been pretty painful.
However, my interview went fairly well, probably because Bill bought me some sexy sexy shoes today that I wore. Red, Kenneth Cole round-toe pumps. They don't get much better. But don't worry, they were on clearance at a new discount shoe store, so mega-bargain. Bill might be nice, but I'm sure he doesn't love me full-price. So, I think I stand a good chance of getting the job but don't have my heart set either way, probably because I have another interview lined up as a grant writer with UMKC, which pays better so I like that. Also I might get to take free classes in the evenings and learn something useful.
So, I am stronger than I thought, I have sexy shoes, and surely someone will give me a job soon.

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