Sunday, October 30, 2005

Obligatory Update

So, Halloween in a few minutes. That's cool, but what would be cooler is a job I actually like. Also, would be cooler if I or even someone else in my household was going trick or treating, because I want some 2-packs of Starburst tomorrow and I'll be hella pissed if I don't get any.
In other news, I have acquired 6 pairs of shoes since landing on American soil 5 weeks ago. All exceptional bargains, I might add. Still, I expect I may be out of control. In my defense, I purchased almost nothing during the year abroad, so I am really making up for lost time. I get my first paycheck since my return tomorrow, so it's more or less acceptable that I bought 3 pairs of shoes yesterday.
In other news, my KC ladies (otherwise known as the triple J explosion) and I are starting a book club and I am charged with the first selection. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

How about Chocolat? I just finished it, and I LOVED it.

Doug said...

House of Leaves

Best book ever.
Or else since it's four girls... actually I can only think of boy books. I should start a book club. If I knew guys that read, we could sit around with a Chuck Palahnuik or Tom Robbins or Kurt Vonnegut and talk about farts, shit, and sex.

ruth said...

that sounds boring.
you can come to kc for our book clubs. then the initials of everyone would be jjjr&d. which is cool because it's like research and development.

DaintyDoughnuts said...

The Red Pony or Charlotte's Web.

I work with children.

Morris said...

Everyone Poops?

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris