Wednesday, October 19, 2005


So yesterday I reached saturation point with the whole 'living at home' thing. With this whole having a sorta job business, and then going home, it means that I am literally never ever alone. This means that I have no tolerance for my mother's tendancy to follow me around the house, babbling about this or that. However, I am forced to continue along this path until I have enough money to pay rent and a deposit. Which the soonest that could possibly happen is the beginning of next month. That is, however, only if I decide it is unimportant to pay anything more than the minimum on credit card and student loans.
On the really exciting side of things, my Australian friend from Dublin, Alana, is arriving tonight, and I really doubt Kansas City has EVER had an Australian tourist! So I envision loads of free drinks and free food, and when we drive to Colorado on Friday, I anticipate her charming accent getting us out at least one speeding ticket. Also, I will probably have to make her wrestle a mountain lion, just for fun.

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