Sunday, October 09, 2005

Nebraska football

So yesterday I attended a Cornhuskers game in Lincoln. Those of you that know me know I am not at all interested in football; however, my mother (a Nebraska native) felt this was an essential cultural experience for our Belgian exchange student. Nevermind that I have never attended a Nebraska game in my life.
While watching the game, I discovered a few things. Mainly, football is really dull. However, as I watched I began to understand a few things. Primarily, why I find football so boring. Previously, I thought I had no appreciation for the game because I never played it as a child. I played soccer, basketball, softball, and volleyball. This is also the list of sports I find worthwhile entertainment. But it turns out I find football unbearable because the game stops literally every 5-10 seconds, and this is meant to please the crowd. When the bad guys have the ball, the crowd goes wild when nothing seems to be happening. They are pleased when the bad guys are unable to advance a yard. This makes for an excrutiatingly dull game. At the beginning, I felt inclined to cheer for a tackle that occured after a nice long run, whereas my co-spectators found this an opportunity to groan and make disparaging remarks. They went wild when nothing seemed to be happening and it was impossible to figure out where the hell the ball was. That is when I realized I now officially understand football and think it is dead boring.
However, it was exciting to see 75K people wearing red. I too wore red, but it was a Knox hoodie and a pair of kick ass sneakers. Still, damn glad I went with red.
Incidentally, Knox friends, will any of you be attending homecoming? I sure will be! But I will probably not elect to go to the football game.


DaintyDoughnuts said...

My dad thinks it's nice that you put in the effort to go and watch. I say hang in there. The first 20 or so football games I was dragged to were a total snore but now I can tolerate it on television in short spurts and even find live games to be sort of exciting. Although the enjoyment comes mostly from the colors and the beer...

ruth said...

well, kitie, one of my main goals in life is pleasing your father, so i am satisfied.
while i did find the football game a little dull, i did do some mad cheering. if the huskers game wasn't on a dry campus, i might have REALLY enjoyed myself.

DaintyDoughnuts said...

Its shocking to me that any campus in the midwest is dry.