Saturday, July 22, 2006

oh, woe

I just finished rereading my blog-posts of what I was doing this time last year (backpacking through Europe). Indeed, one year ago yesterday Bill & I began our exciting journey, starting with a Parisian visit with our friend Ryan and his Austrian frau(lein? jenni, doesn't it make it sound like they are married if I simply say 'frau'? I don't mean to imply that, but I don't want to be sexist in German, of all things! Probably I could simply avoid the issue entirely if I knew the German for girlfriend or something. But I don't.) Anyway, I am a little bit sad about what my life amounts to now vs. this time last year. And I am even sadder because I have no plans, long term or otherwise, to return to foreign shores. I know that my next big adventure will have to be either Latin America, or the Pacific i.e. Australasia. And I have my Los Angeles move to plan, which is moderately fun but not nearly as enjoyable as planning international travel. And, even sadder, I realize that mathematically, traveling in Europe will actually be cheaper than living in Los Angeles! Boo.

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Jenni said...

First: Frau indeed means that you are married to that woman. Fräulein doesn't exist anymore, I think because of that sexist thing. Freundin means girlfriend. But Freundin can also mean just a female friend, not girlfriend. So it's a bit tricky. If you like to say she's his girlfriend you'd say that she is his Freundin. If you like to say she's just a female friend, you'd say she's eine (= a) Freundin.
Second: Don't be too sad. And I know what you mean. A good friend of mine just flew to Australia to study there for a whole year. I'm so jealous...