Monday, July 17, 2006


Yesterday, Bill and I ventured to far far away Lawrence to see Peaches! We also had the pleasure of seeing the Eagles of Death Metal, which did not sound so much like death metal, but classic rock. I guess I'm not really sure which is which. We had the extreme displeasure of seeing Ssion, possibly the worst band ever. Seriously, the worst band ever. There were costume-changes, a naked girl, and floor-writhing, which one would think would distract from the horrible craptasticness of the band, but, you would be wrong. In this case, the copious use of nipples served to only exacerbate the truly wretchedness of the music.
Anyway, Peaches was pretty much the best ever; even Bill couldn't stop talking about her awesomeness, which he swears was unrelated to the amount of nudity on stage. The local scenesters came out in full regalia, made all the more impressive by the fact that the club was unairconditioned and quite probably hotter than hell. Slouchy boots, Kansas, July! Far more appropriately dressed were those that came in their best Peaches costumes, hot pants and bustiers!


Bill McClain said...

I can't believe you putrified your blog by actually linking to Ssion, let alone The Bill. Ewwww. I'm going to boil my laptop.

Nathan said...

^^ Ha Ha ^^

I can't believe you went to a Peaches concert. I know people who went to that concert. I've seen their myspace photos of the event. Its a little disgusting to know your connected to that world.

I will boil my desktop