Monday, July 24, 2006

the only person i have seen all day is the mailman

i kid you not. i guess i sorta saw bill this morning, but we both know nothing before 9 in the morning counts as human interaction. especially when the coffeemaker is broken. i am _literally_ _dying_ of _boredom_. Seriously, why are underscores so much more awesome than underlines? i tried to make you all a crossword puzzle, but i couldn't figure out how to make one that could easily be filled in online. suck. i suspect i will be co-workerless for some time. someone please come up with a project for me.


Doug said...

I'm sorry I didn't read this post until I was off work. I'm full of ideas. Most of them are bad, but I've got 'em is the point.

Let's see, things to do next time you're bored: well, first of all, don't think of it as "co-workerless" but as "unsupervised." I keep reminding myself that as long as people keep reminding me I'm younger than everybody, I have license to act younger than everybody. Like singing along loudly to my iPod when I'm in the morgue. That's plenty immature. I also dance a lot too.

In general, my boredom stems from sitting around for too long. Get up and do some running or yoga. Or running high jumps. I always find that entertaining. The goal is to make people on the floor below you to wonder what the fuck is going on. Then they have to come up to check, and boom you have interraction.

Bogdan seemed to find pleasure in stealing candy from people's desks, but I never got much of a kick out of that. I prefer stealing unnecessary signage. Like a "1st Floor" sign or a "Equipment Closet" sign.

Julie said...

Those are all great ideas, especially the running one... Ruth, why didn't you do laps in the board room (again)?

ruth said...

man, we have like, a huge bag of candy for the various outreach events my org participates in. now, i think there are no more nerds in the assortment. i am now working on sweet tart annihilation. after that, i'm done, because i don't really like runts or bottlecaps.

i have run laps around the conference room in the past. this is tricky because it is very small (table seats but 12), and hazardous. unfortunately, i do not wear a sportsbra for work, and am unlikely to start. there are silhouettes to consider, after all. thus no running or high jumping.

i do listen to music on my coworkerless days, which is pleasurable.

my building is pretty much vacant & decrepit with little signage, but i do enjoy peeling the remnants of signs off the wall. not great, i know, because it's like cleaning.

i really need a project. like applying for jobs in la. boo.

Jenni said...

what about taking pics?

Erin said...

You should spend your time making masterpieces for the Dept of Applied Office Arts:

Also, I second the dancing. It's way more exciting when there's the potential for someone (the mailman) to walk in.

Chris said...

crosswords! look sir, droids!