Tuesday, July 25, 2006

where i work.

I took some pictures of my work. My office is depressing. My mailman I think has a terminal illness. And yesterday, I saw my very first white supremicist in the flesh. Ugly & scary, two of my least favorite things.

the barrel By:Yours Truly
work thingstwo old chairsthe book i sometimes read, the couch.
stacksrecyclingnot my desk


Dan said...

Ruth, I'm so glad that you took photos and that you update regularly. Everyone else on my bloglist has been in an updating rut. Nice pics!

Jenni said...

depressing photos...

DaintyDoughnuts said...

Looks like someone is into their new digital camera. Fallen for the flashy pizazz of it?

Umm...So Ive been trying to call you all day for two days and keep getting a beepy signal. Since you dont email anymore (err...I dont either) how do I get a hold of you? Ms. Bored.