Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Well, today I spent a lot of time thinking about bacon, and things I could wrap in bacon. I mainly blame the picture that keeps popping up on facebook ("6 of your friends have become fans of Bacon" and so on. Really, what's wrong with my other 215 friends??), here:

Also, I have two BBQs to attend this weekend, and I should bring food to both of them. So, I considered what I could bring that would be wrapped in bacon for most of my day at work. Temporary reprieve came at lunch, at which time I ordered the BLT.

I gave up, by the way. Unless a stroke of genius hits, I'll be bacon-less for the weekend. Which isn't entirely true, as I finally got to one of the new Fresh & Easy markets (Tesco's US expansion), and bought British-style rashers, which I will almost certainly eat this weekend. And actually, I think I will make hash browns and rashers for breakfast on the 4th. No, the two are not generally considered complementary, but I just happen to have applesauce and sour cream that needs to be eaten. And no, hash browns are not precisely the same at latkes but I think they will do just fine.

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