Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad Pizza Tragedy

Sorry, no pictures today. I spent way, way too much time working today and I am tired.

As a result of all the work (!!) I did, I was lacking in the energy needed for cooking and so Bill & I walked the block or so to the new neighborhood pizza joint. Which sucked. A lot.

I'm definitely an "if you put cheese on it, I'll come" sort of girl (heh), and I'm afraid this pizza just couldn't make it happen.

Too bad, because I have been excited about it for months and months. Sigh. At least I have Tokyo 7-7.


Bigfoot said...

Whoa, your paint pictures are much more sophisticated than I remember. I salute your artistry.

For this amusement, I have bestowed upon you a place on my blog list.

Your prostrations of generosity will not be necessary.

stefanie said...

and soon, chipotle!

ruth said...

Actually, Chipotle's been open for a whole week and we still haven't been!