Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oy, shameful, I have skipped yet another day.

I often thought about blogging, though, so it isn't as though it slipped my mind completely. I just got distracted: my job, laundry, grocery shopping, watching Undeclared on DVD.

Ah, but I did go grocery shopping yesterday, after preparing dinner with what needed to be eaten, stat. We had some British-style bacon from Fresh & Easy (a huge disappointment, by the way, with some pieces cut 2 to 3 times thinner than others), an avocado, a tomato. So, bacon, avocado, tomato & cheddar sandwiches it was for dinner.

And then, to my quarterly pasta & bulk buying trip to Whole Foods. I still love Whole Foods, but I live in walking distance to Trader Joe's & Albertson's, and there's a farmers' market on my street. It seems silly to drive to the market when I don't have to. But, there are certain things worth making the trip for: their whole wheat organic pasta, their bulk brown short-grain rice at the merest 89¢ a pound, their bulk orzo (no bargain, really, at $2.99/lb), some impulsively bought olives, beer, of course.


Bigfoot said...

I reiterate my desire for your blog to have pictures. Via paint or otherwise. Make it so.

stefanie said...