Monday, January 24, 2005


So Friday night Bill and I saw Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai's long-awaited film, 2046, which is a semi-sequel to a film I haven't seen called In the Mood for Love. In any case, I don't think 2046 is out in the US yet.
Before coming to London, I hadn't seen any Wong Kar-Wai (who may be called Kar-Wai Wong in the United States) movies, but Bill and I caught a couple of his at the National Film Theatre here in London (Happy Together and Days of Being Wild). As I had never heard of Wong Kar-Wai in the US, I assume that most of you haven't either. His movies are COMPLETELY unlike anything I have ever seen. Strange, dreamlike, impressionistic, but oh-so vivid and lovely. I have never seen anyone use music as he does and the cinematography is sumptuous! I recommend a) watching 2046 in the theatre when it comes to the US or b) putting the movie on in the background of your party so that you look really hip.
Also, the stunning Zhang Ziyi is in 2046 where she does not kick anyone's ass but instead has perfect hair and lipstick.

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wanderius thrax said...

I saw In the Mood for Love, it was fantastic. I watched it a couple of times. The only other movie of his I've seen is Chungking Express, which was good as well. Quentin Tarantino put a heavy push to get people to see that, back in the day...