Thursday, January 27, 2005

It's more profound than a pass/fail thing.

I made a quiz. As I talk about myself all the time, this should be a cinch for everyone. Enjoy. Highest score gets the best Christmas present!
Test your knowledge here. Fuck it up and you may find yourself ruthless! ahaha.


stefanie said...

don't fall for it! ruth's quiz is designed to make you feel bad about yourself. i've probably heard ruth talk about herself more often than practically anyone else on earth, and i still only got 4 out of 9! regime change begins at home!

Anonymous said...

Hi, all...Ruth, I just wanted to make a few excuses for myself regarding your quiz. I have never heard you tell the boa constrictor story, but that is fascinating. Furthermore, I knew that you preferred physics because you TOOK physics (psycho). I just couldn't bear it, so I made you a biologist.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I'm Margaret, but you may have guessed that already.