Thursday, January 20, 2005

No Surprises Here.

So I just took this quiz on beliefnet (called the Belief-O-Matic!) about my faith. Apparently, I am 100% Unitarian Universalist (shocking really, as I answered about half the questions with the most logical answer, something relatively scientific or humanist-- but to be dicks about it, I suppose, Beliefnet added "or not sure. Or not important" to the end of all of these answers. For instance, on the question about the earth's creation, you can choose from a variety of established religious beliefs, or choose, as I did, "Only natural forces (like evolution) and no Creator or spiritual forces. Or not sure. Or not important.")
How does uncertainty equal unimportance? I like to think my uncertainty about these things is fundamental to what I believe. Or maybe I just feel bad for the fairly minor role religion or spirituality plays in my daily life and I want to believe that I do care, even if all evidence is to the contrary.
In any case, my other best choices are: Liberal Quaker (94%), Neo-Pagan (90%), Secular Humanism (87%), Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (86%) although the list stretches all the way down to Roman Catholic (19%). Interesting that all of my top 5 are Western. I suppose I can never escape my upbringing. Although were I really trying to, moving to England was not the best choice. Though two different Buddhisms are 6 and 7.

I read an article on Beliefnet about how Liberals and Conservatives view each other. Obviously I'm biased, as I am (increasingly) a close-minded and self-righteous liberal, particularly when it comes to hot button issues like gay marriage, abortion and the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and will it be Iran next?, but I feel like this Waldman guy is off the mark on Conservatives. He totally treats Conservatives as interchangeable with the religious right, although that's understandable I suppose based on the current direction of the Republican party. But 99% of Republicans I know (which is, granted, not many, and certainly not 99, so my percentage is most definitely off) are not particularly religious. Their Republican ideology is based far more on economics than religion. I suppose the bottom line is that I think most people are just completely wrong in how they view the world, liberals and conservatives alike.
This beliefnet place also has a lot of ads for Seventh Heaven, which makes me immediately distrust it anyhow.

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MrSKINNY said...

hrm, i dont really see you as a unitarian universalist (or whatever), but Quakers are cool, and its just bad PR that they are associated with that Oatmeal Box. But, they really did have to dress like that. For a sect so obsessed with their religion, they are very open to discussion. Voltaire has a hilarious and charming bit on them in "Letters to England" in which he asks his Quaker friend a multitude of questions, ridiculing him politely. Ah, I wish we still had him today...but I guess that's where your witty self comes into play, otherwise I wouldn't read your blog :)