Thursday, January 27, 2005

Another Personal Triumph

Today I finally successfully badgered my friend Stefanie into having a blog. It isn't as clever as mine yet, but she works in D.C., which is obviously the anathema* to all things good and happy (ex. The White House, The Fact that Only 13 Senators Voted Against Condi Rice's Confirmation, The Holocaust Museum, The Headquarters of the Christian Coalition, and the list goes on). It is not as happy as, say, London, home of the London Dungeon and this kid. Thus, her life is a bleak pit, unlike mine which is filled with things like curry.
Today I photocopied an article about sugar and cancer for several of the people I "support" (i.e. sit near and am generally ignored by). Obviously I didn't read the article myself as it called sugar something like "fasting serum glucose" which makes it sound really boring. In any case, the Swiss doctor (who has at least seven names in this format: blah-blah von blahberg de blah-blah) laughs on the other side of the cubicle wall, and says "oh, everything causes cancer these days."
Considering that she works for a pharmaceutical company (indeed, in the drug safety unit!)working on cancer meds, I find her comment vaguely reassuring yet also menacing. I am pretty sure she is giving us cancer. You might not find this conclusion terribly logical but you should have heard the laugh.

*Even though I looked anathema up, I am not positive that I am using it correctly but feel strongly that it is the word I want to use there anyway.

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