Monday, January 31, 2005

Other Goings-on

  • Bill and I saw Mean Streets together this weekend. Harvey Keitel is fairly sexy in that movie, and I think most everyone would agree. I also found Harvey Keitel fairly sexy in The Piano, but I am willing to go that one alone. In any case, imagine my excitement when I discovered my boyfriend Bill actually looks like a young Harvey Keitel, but taller and with better lips.
  • We went to Greenwich yesterday and Bill made us spend several hours in the National Maritime Museum and then got all cranky when I wanted him to pose for a picture next to an anchor to commemorate my suffering. The National Maritime Museum is not for girls, despite all the crap about the Titanic.
  • On Saturday, we went to the Saatchi Gallery's Triumph of Painting Show which was OK. Of the five painters exhibited, one was female, and all were white. Mind you, all but one are alive and well, so this is not like wondering why all the Impressionists were white men... pretty fucking lame, Lord Saatchi. And really, most of the paintings looked like album covers (Bill's observation, not mine). I was disappointed in painting's triumph. And I was so excited to see a contemporary show that isn't conceptual. Bill and I were disappointed.
  • And speaking of disappointment, our return trip from Greenwich was marred with disaster. In short, Bill and I ended up walking from Baker Street Station to our home due to the ineptitude of London's transportation system. Which is 4.0 miles (mapquest will show you our walk here)!!! Still, we walked along one of London's lovely canals which was very romantic though a bit cold and footpaincausing. Though sadly I was not able to make what I intended for dinner, as the grocery store was closed before we got there (again, London Transport's fault as were we able to take the tube or even the bus, we would have arrived in plenty of time). Happily, we went to our favorite Thai restaurant which was on the way (which, incidentally, is called Boys Thai. Which is programmed into my mobile as "Thai Boys" as you know, my phone thinks Thai is the surname. Or maybe I am just trying to explain why I have Thai Boys in my phone.) In any case, no one should miss my favorite food question in my quiz.
  • Who are these random people that have taken my quiz? I find this very exciting!

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