Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Vera Drake wants to kill you.

Do not see Vera Drake. Don't fall for it. I fell for it, and why wouldn't I? A British period drama (how many times have those three words been joined together, anyway?) about pre-legal abortions that the critics have just eaten up. Of course I would want to see it.
But! Do NOT! It honestly could not have been worse. I spent the second hour of the movie drumming my fingers in irritation and trying not to gag audibly. Vera Drake herself is completely unbelievable and underdeveloped, as is every other character. For a movie with such a moving premise, it left me completely cold. I cry at nearly all movies, and managed to be totally untouched by the collapse of Vera's world. I will admit blinking back a tear or two at the frightened women seeking her services, but honestly, I've been known to cry at long-distance commercials. Mike Leigh should have been able to get more out of me.
Strangely, only Film Threat, Hollywood's (dumb and annoying) Indie Voice were particularly critical of it. And the reviewer was most critical of the part that I thought made the most sense, living in London and all.
For understanding British cultural basics, Vera Drake was dead on. My first job here saw me drinking a cup of tea every hour. Yes. They drink tea all the time, and offer tea to make things better. Train delays? Let me fix you a cuppa. Dead mother? Cuppa. It's all about tea. If they drink coffee at all, it is the sort that dissolves in hot water. But that is for another post. Additionally, the British insist on asking you "Are you alright?" which doesn't imply that you look sick or confused. It's just a really confusing way of asking how you are. And the expression "ta." It means "thank you," not goodbye. In any case, even with the useful introduction to British vocabulary, the movie was seriously lacking.
So, that was very disappointing. At least I got to eat at my favorite London Japanese restaurant before the movie.

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wanderius thrax said...

should've seen mean streets!