Friday, February 18, 2005

And I was punished.

As my previous posts have plainly established, god is clearly not a fan of me. Let me explain. On Wednesday, I took a face first dive in the reception area of my office for everyone's entertainment. It hurt a lot and my head isn't moving with the same readiness it used to. I will not draw a picture of this because if you've ever seen me you've seen me fall so you know what it looks like.
So, last night I decided to take a leisurely bath to make my neck feel better. And what does god decide to do for shits and giggles? That's right. Michael, the tool, walks in on me! And of cource I had my head underwater so he didn't see me until he saw me. Still, I am so chill about it. Yeah, fuck clothes. Nevertheless, I won't be drawing me in the tub, as I don't want anyone who happens upon this site getting the wrong idea.
And then, to further prove that couches are the only safe place to be, I got stuck in the elevator this morning when sent on an urgent errand for my boss. So, I waited there for a about 20 minutes to be rescued, after which I rather undiginifiedly crawled out. I did draw this one.
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So, what other mean tricks are in store for me today? I don't know! It's barely afternoon yet! But rest assured, as long as my fingers have full mobility, I'll let you know.

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stefanie said...

oh, ruth! god certainly does hate you, apparently. i also got stuck in the elevator yesterday, but it wasn't for very long and i didn't have to crawl out. so you certainly win that contest.