Friday, February 11, 2005

Drawing was my lowest grade in college.

Due to popular demand, I decided to draw a couple pictures about my morning. I've worked very hard on these...
If anyone is curious about the verisimilitude of my appearance... my coat's buttons are not red, but black. My pants are indeed pinstriped, and my hair isn't really greenish. Also, I don't just have irises, but whole eyes.
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and then I did this:
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And then the fire alarm went off as soon as I got to work and I had to stand outside for a long time. . I had nothing to do with it.
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And all this before nine o'clock.


stefanie said...

ruth's blog is boring no more! not that it ever was. but it's especially not now.

Anonymous said...

casey says: don't let stefanie fool you -- just think how much that story would have sucked without the illustrations. now it has been one of the high points of my day. it ranks right up there with being a volunteer for my friend's nurses' assistant certification test this morning. she spoon-fed me applesauce while i got to lie in a bed!

MrSKINNY said...

a highpoint of my day indeed.

now, being the glutton i am, i want to see a picture of casey being fed applesauce from her hospital bed!! I commission the red leather mistress to complete the portrait. thanks in advance, and HA HA I have a car (sometimes).