Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm wearing my new pants!

In the American sense of pants. They are red and so nice, I just look at them and smile, because I'm the girl in red pants.
Also, it's the first time in a few months my pants have fit.
Shortly after arriving in London, I was standing on an escalator up from the tube, and noticed that the people walking up the escalator had nicer asses than those that stood. I vowed to walk.
Lately, though, I've been really sad about the comparative sagginess of the ass of my pants and was afraid that all the walking up escalators I do here has not been able to counteract the ass-smooshingness of sitting for 8 hours a day in front of the computer.
Today, in my new pants, I see that it is not my ass but my old pants! These new pants work with my ass, they don't hang off it! So I am thrilled with my red, nicely hemmed, ass pants. Maybe I will have pictures soon.


stefanie said...

ruth, i am so glad that you have finally discovered your perfect ass pants. and all you had to do for them was take off your pants for a turkish stranger!

also, bravo on the escalator-walking resolution. i generally walk up escalators, but there are a few escalators in the district that are the equivalent of maybe 10 flights of stairs (subway was built under a river or something) and for those, i walk half.

but enough about my escalator habits. hooray for new red pants!

Anonymous said...

i took your damn quiz, though i hate quizes and don't know if i should be ashamed that i don't know how fast you type. now i'm going to get a bunch of spam and i didn't even do well on the quiz.
anyhow, i, too, sit too long in front of a computer. fascinating! i got a new desk today, which should increase my waning productivity passion by about 8% for at least 72 hours.
perhaps i should just email you. enjoy the office life.
-long lost erin

Chris said...

Hello there,

I was casually browsing through blogs and came across yours. I may be wrong, but it appears you are an American living and working in London. If so, I was just curious how you went about going through that. Its my current life goal to get over there and work ofr a while, as Ive fallen in love with London after I graduate in May. It seems like there a few obstacles to doing so, however, most notably getting a work permit through the Home Officem, and Im wondering how you got over and around those obstacles. Any advice or suggestions you can pass along would be highly appreciated. You can find me at http://chriseckel.blogspot.com/ (Mister Brightside) hope to hear from you, and good luck in London.