Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fancy a trip to London, anyone?

So, this morning found me looking at fares on Student Universe and apparently, were you to leave in the next two weeks, you could totally fly to London r-t out of Chicago for $240! What a bargain! And yeah, it's a student fare but that doesn't matter, all they want you to have is a .edu email address. Which I know many of my friends have. So, come one come all.
In other news, I saw Turandot last night with my French friend, Leo(poldine). It was great fun. We bought the standing only tickets for £11 (or, approximately, 1/11th the price of flying roundtrip to London from Chicago), but for the third act, were able to move into the £160 really fucking awesome seats. It was amazing, and, incidentally, the happiest opera I have ever seen. Only one stage death! And yeah, it was a pretty girl, all the more tragic, but she wasn't one of our romantic leads! They triumphed! Instead, Turandot herself was one of the largest women I have ever seen-- Audrey Stottler, which got me thinking about how strange it must be to be a female opera singer. I mean, she's got this awesome voice, and she's obviously this immense diva (I have never seen anyone shine more during applause, she was nuts!), but then most of the time, she's just this really overweight woman. And god knows how society hates the morbidly obese, particularly women. So it must be really bizarre to be so revered in one aspect of your life, and then, so shunned in another.
In any case, her voice was fantastic, and the production was really stunning. Yay for the opera!

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