Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Working with Americans

I am drinking my Earl Grey out of the Working with Americans mug. Even though it's rare for someone to look at me or take notice of what I am doing here, this is very amusing for me.
In the downstairs library (i.e. bookshelf with medical journals and the yellow pages), there is a copy of a book with the same title. Which I think I will start reading today. After all, I am virtually assured of working with Americans when I return to the U.S.
Nothing particularly bad has happened in the past two days. So my unlucky streak appears to be over; thus, there is little to draw about. However, it has snowed in London the past few days which is really funny as these nutty Brits get real worked up about snow that doesn't really stick to the ground. To be fair, there were patches of snow on the sidewalk this morning when I walked to the tube station, but there is nary a flake on the ground here in Piccadilly Circus. Nevertheless, this has of course affected the underground train service.
I found this picture on the Guardian particularly amusing, as I hope my friends who are familiar with the midwestern or northeastern winters will as well. Mind you, the picture is not from London but from the northern-most part of England, North Yorkshire.
I did a little picture of what London looks like when it's snowing...
Image Hosted by
About the same as usual but people are more confused and in the way, also more grey.

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ruth said...

I think probably the perspective on the buildings is exactly opposite and wrong to what it should be. I am aware this drawing has a lot of flaws. As I said before, my lowest grade in college was drawing. Lay off.

And while I am making corrections, it's KathArine Hepburn, and Cate Blanchett. Sorry. I could edit my last post on this point but I don't feel like it.