Monday, February 07, 2005


Sometimes I really like to read stuff that pisses me off, instead of stuff that I agree with. For instance, I get a little bored reading because it's like, duh, I am so with you. However, I can read until I'm foaming at the mouth. Which only takes about 30 seconds, but what I mean by this is that I've read through his archives and sit, filled with hate and rage, quivering at my desk. I did this last week, and have finished with him. he's a total tool, and if you read his bio you'll see that he actually is a complete moron. He's a criminology professor who brags about his low GPA. I mean, Law and Order is really cool, but criminology is hardly a real subject!
In part, I must say he gets under my skin because he rallies against liberal bias at universities. And deep down, I know it exists and is something about which I have a severe double standard and this troubles me.
But it's not like I love to hate him, I really just hate him. I think he is a complete dick, and his flippant remarks about date rape and feminism really get under my skin. Not to mention the sadistic pictures of him and the animals he's killed.

And then, there is Better, I'd say, because they at least don't pretend to be an intellectual like Dr. Adams. But man, do they seem to hate women! And it's not in that nice Playboy or Maxim way where it's actually funny. No, the men at really are just misogynistic bastards. Seriously. Check out Be a Man. And you'd think, with such a nice title, it might be slightly ironic or funny, but it totally wasn't. Just really awful.
In any case, that's how I spent my afternoon. Let me know if there's anything similarly awful that I should read tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I hate as well. I only got through the first page before I had an uncontrollable desire to comment on it, but I swear I am going back. So this is a blog huh? Should I get one? Mine would be so mundane. Maybe if those (bleep bleep bleep) blah blah (bleeping) Suicide Girls hadnt told me I was ugly/fat/whatever they said, then I would be posting my thoughts on some scummy porn site. now...oh yeah, so that website was lame and I dont even know how or where you find this stuff Ruth. Is the Japanese pharmasudical company just not stimulating enough? Cheers *Kitie